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Customer Reviews

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Just what our company needed

TOPIC: Safety Programs – ISNetworld
“If they don’t have a section, they do everything to create one for you. I highly recommend using this company for your safety needs. We use them for ISNetworld, Avetta, and much much more.”
Alicia Bourdon
Architectural Environments, Inc.

Great choice

TOPIC: Online Training
“Any time I have a question someone from the team helps to find an answer that works the first time. The platform is easy to navigate and helps to keep everything organized and in one place. Always a pleasure to work with OWYN.”
Jen Ann Heisel
The Stiegler Company, Inc.

Classroom Presentations

TOPIC: Online Training
“We recently did a week of classroom presentations of your various safety modules. Overall I think it went very well and was informative. A few things that did come up that might be something you can change in the future. 1. Ability to bypass the intro of each module that makes you listen and wait to click on the table on contents on every module of each safety training. Its very repetitive and would save a good chunk of time if there was a button at the bottom to skip that. After listening to it once, there is no reason to hear the same thing 30 more times during each module of each safety course. 2. Ability to do online testing after the completion of the final module of each course during a classroom presentation. The paper copies are fine, but handing out and then collecting and grading before starting the next course also ate up a lot of extra time. Everyone has a smart phone and would be nice to complete individual tests quickly since it grades each one as they complete them. Maybe some way to let the system know who completed the course so it can then make the quiz available to them to take on their our profiles? “
AJ Schaeffer
Blue Peak Tents

Ease of Marking Classroom Training Complete

TOPIC: Online Training
“I appreciate how easy it is to mark the training complete. I would like to be able to add a person to the training after it is scheduled. But I have only found the date editable. We had a new employee start after I had the training scheduled and I had to add another classroom training to get his training completed. It would be nice to have less buttons to click to get thru the classroom training as well.”
Jacquline Price
Harold James, Inc.

Safety Manager

TOPIC: Online Training
“It took a while to get used to the new site, but that is to be expected. VERY USEFUL!!”
Edward Morra
Total Equipment Company DXP

Excellent Resource

TOPIC: Online Training
“This is an excellent resource for small contractors. It provides almost all of our required safety training, multiple safety forms, a professionally prepared and easily customizable safety manual, turns hours of work into minutes managing third party safety programs such as ISnetworld and Avetta. I have had outstanding customer service with the very rare problem that I have encountered. The platform is always improving. This is a great program.”
Bill Grant
Industrial Repair Inc

Amazing Staff – Brandon S

TOPIC: Online Training
“I need to let you know that Brandon is an amazing employee. He is always friendly and helps me when I need it. He asks questions to know exactly what I am trying to get done. All of your staff is friendly and quick to help. That is an amazing trait to have in your staff.”
Melinda Staggs
T-6 Construction LLC

Stellar Service

TOPIC: Safety Programs – ISNetworld
“I was thrown into ISN and Avetta with no information on what to do or how to do it.. and we needed to be compliant ASAP with customers. I found OWYN online and they were my saviors!!! Very Helpful, easy to navigate, fabulous manuals and trainings.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! It saves 100’s of hours of your time trying to figure things out!!!”
Suzanne Slingerland
Material Handling Products Corp

Good Response and Material

TOPIC: Safety Programs – Federal Safety Manual
“very good response and material.”
Jose Gonzalez
Tres Safety LLC

Training Was a Good Refresher

TOPIC: Online Training
“The training was a good refresher for me.”
David Pararo
Porter Steel Inc.

This Service Was Incredibly Fast

TOPIC: Safety Programs – ISNetworld
“This service was incredibly fast, super convenient and took the burden off of me to get our safety forms completed and submitted to ISNetworld for a fraction of what other companies wanted to charge. Well worth it!!”
WW Fire & Security

Amount of Materials is Outstanding!

TOPIC: Safety Programs – Avetta
“The amount of available materials is outstanding. Anything you need is a few short clicks away. Always helpful on the phone, talked to a real person and they had the solution I needed. Truly a steal for the annual price. We did 2 years – even better!”