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A Better Way

For the past couple weeks, we’ve been talking about how compliance and workplace safety program is typically managed by employers, and it basically comes down to this.

They react to situations and needs.

You need a safety program to meet OSHA or prequalification requirements like Avetta or ISNetworld®. You jump online and find something that will work.

You’ve been visited by OSHA and need to implement a safety program or provide training documentation. You jump online to look for something.

You’ve been struggling with too many workplace injuries. You go online to find safety meetings to provide employees awareness of hazards and how to prevent exposure.

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

What if you could put a program in place that would help you meet prequalification requirements, prevent costly OSHA citations, and protect your employees from hazards in the workplace.

And you could do it without costing your company or employees an arm and a leg.

Does that sound like something that could work for you?

If so, keep reading.

Over the years in past Safety E-QuickTips I’ve discussed the 4 Steps to a Safer Workplace.  These 4 steps are straight out of OSHA and, if implemented, they would definitely prevent accidents, OSHA citations, reduce insurance costs and even help you with prequalification requirements (with a few tweaks here and there).

The 4 Steps are:

  • Establish Safety Policies and Procedures – Develop a Safety Program
  • Effectively communicate your Policies and Procedures – Provide Training
  • Perform regular and frequent workplace safety inspections
  • Enforce Safety

These 4 steps are simple and to the point, but they don’t work.

How do I know that?

Because we’ve been talking about them for years and, to date, I’ve never seen a company that has ever implemented the 4 steps and maintained them for even 1 full year.

Sure, many have started the process, but in the end they fail.  It’s a lot like losing weight.  They get busy, people lose interest, people aren’t really into the program, so they decide that maybe they’ll try again next year.

Next week I’ll give you more direction on how you can make this happen.

Employee QuickTip

Working safely will never be the center of attention, but it will keep you safe and maybe even save your life someday.

Employer/Management QuickTip

Just like the designated driver makes sure no one gets behind the wheel after drinking a little too much, you are the designated safety person who helps employees understand the value of working safe.

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