Holiday Safety at Work: Tips for a Safe Season

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Dec. 5, 2022

It’s That Time Again

The Holiday Season is underway.

With everything going on in the world it can be tough to get too excited about the holidays.

But it is during times like this that we need them to remind us about the value of family and friends – and the importance of holiday safety at work.

That’s right. That brother, sister, or coworker that borrowed $20 a couple months ago and still hasn’t paid it back . . . it’s time to think about them and maybe even remind them they haven’t paid you back yet.

Sorry, getting a little off track.

But it is time to think about that brother, sister or coworker and remind them how important they are to you and let them know that you value their safety on and off the job.

If you see someone who has maybe celebrated a bit too much and then thinks it’s a good idea to drive themselves home, step in and take the wheel.

If a coworker is pushing to get the job done as quickly as possible at the expense of safety, remind them that shortcutting safety often doesn’t end well.

And for that brother or sister that is heading out the door to work, remind them to work safe because with the added distraction of the holidays, some of us may make poor judgment calls.

The holidays are all about family and friends and it’s a great time to tell them how much you value their safety.

And if you want to remind them about that $20 they still owe you – well, maybe that can wait until next year.

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Employee QuickTip

Don’t allow the distractions of the holidays get in the way of working safe. It could be the difference between Happy Holidays and Not So Happy Holidays.

Employer/Management QuickTip

Although every day during the year is a good day to think about workplace safety, the holidays bring about a whole lot of distractions that could lead to serious injuries or even a fatality.  Keep an eye out for those distractions and make a special effort during the holidays to tell employees to work safe.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – “Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season”.