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If you’ve been reading our Safety E-QuickTips over the years (13 to be exact), you’ve probably picked up on the idea that implementing and managing workplace safety and compliance can be challenging for both employers and employees.

Much like the diet and get fit fads that each of us has probably taken part in once, twice, or more times than we like to think about, it goes something like this.

Enough is enough.  Today is the day you’re going to put a safety plan in place that will keep your employee safe, give your company the opportunity to bid on certain jobs, and prevent costly accidents and OSHA citations. This is where workplace safety strategies come into play.

It’s all hands on deck and your company develops the big plan that includes employee training, daily safety inspections, safety meetings, a lot of reports, documentation and anything else management could think of.

You implement the program, it lasts a few weeks or, maybe if you’re lucky, a few months. Everyone gets too busy and it’s done.

Everyone decides you’ll get back to it when things slow down a bit, but another year goes by and those accidents, along with the costs associated with those accidents, continue to climb.  You try again next year.

Why does this keep happening repeatedly?

Think about it.

When does everyone start thinking about workplace safety or compliance? 

When something bad happens.

An accident occurs where someone is seriously injured, workers’ compensations rates get out of hand, you can’t bid on a job because of your high accident rate, or there is an OSHA visit that ends with citations and costly penalties.

Tough times call for tough measures, so you come up with the big plan to change everything.

Maybe there’s another way.

One that is built around helping employees and management to make better choices each day when it comes to workplace safety and compliance.

A way that is more proactive instead of the reactive approach that continues to fail year after year.

Does that sound like something you and your company might be interested in?

Then stay with me on this and we’ll talk more next week.

Employee QuickTip

Workplace safety and compliance is a choice.  A choice that, in the end, must be yours because no one can follow you around every minute of the workday to make sure you make the right choice. That’s on you.

Employer/Management QuickTip

When management makes a decision to take a proactive approach to workplace safety and compliance everything changes because you are no longer looking for a way to fix something. You’re looking for a way to keep it from breaking.

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