Workplace Safety Compliance – The Struggles, Hassles & Frustration

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Dec. 19, 2022

The Struggles, Hassles and Frustration

The American dream, owning and running your own company. Sounds simple, right?

Get a job, hire some people, order material, complete the work, get paid, repeat and you’re on your way.

But wait, there’s a crucial step you might not have considered: workplace safety compliance.

You’ve just heard you need a safety program before they will complete your insurance application, and without insurance, you can’t start any work.

Now that you have insurance, you’re ready to get going.

But wait!  Now you’re being told that you can’t start work until you meet a third-party prequalification company’s safety program requirement.  To make matters worse, that safety program you submitted to your insurance company won’t meet their requirements.

That took some time and maybe you have a little less hair, but now that you have that done, you’re ready to go, right?

Not so fast. Now you’ve been told that the safety regulations within your contract require you to provide a site-specific safety plan before you can start work.

Can things get any worse?  All you want to do is get to work.

Guess you should have read that safety requirements section in your contract a little closer because it’s 5 PM on Friday and you are supposed to be on the job Monday at 7AM.  You don’t have a site-specific safety plan and you have no clue how to put one together.

It’s going to be a long weekend.

You’ve spent your weekend researching and putting together your site-specific safety plan and you are ready to submit it first thing Monday when you show up at the site.

You finally get to sit back and relax for a moment before you head off to the job.  You’re finally ready to get to work.

But are you? To be continued next week.

Employee QuickTip

Employers aren’t the only ones who struggle with workplace safety and compliance. There’s a good chance you also struggle at least a little. That fall protection harness and hard hat just aren’t very comfortable. That safety device on the equipment you are using is slowing you down and makes it difficult to use. Any of this sounding familiar? Workplace safety and compliance can be a struggle, hassle and frustrating at times – but it’s worth it.

Employer/Management QuickTip

Sometimes things have to get bad before they get better and when it comes to workplace safety and compliance, that is often the case. After all the struggling, the hassles, and frustration you can begin to see its value.  Workplace safety and compliance protects your employees, company reputation and profits.

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