Why Implement a Company Safety Program

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Why Implement a Company Safety Program

When you hear the word safety come up in the work place you get a lot of reactions. Most not so good. So, it makes it easy to come up with reasons for not taking the time to implement a company safety program.

But if you put all those unwanted reactions aside and take a moment to think about the value of safety in the workplace, just maybe you’ll see why implementing a safety program is important to you and your employees.

Let’s start with one good reason for you to implement a company safety program. You want to make your workplace a safer and more productive place.  Still not convinced? Here are 5 more good reasons why you should:

  • Keep your employees protected: A safety program helps ensure that your employees are safe and sound while they work. That means less accidents, less sick days, and more productivity!
  • Avoid costly OSHA citations: Although it’s impossible for OSHA to visit every workplace, if they show up at your workplace and you haven’t implemented your company safety program, there’s a really good chance that you will be receiving citations and costly penalties.
  • Boost your company culture: A safety program shows your employees that you care about their well-being. That means happier employees, better morale, and a more positive company culture.
  • Save some money: Safety programs can help reduce costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. That means fewer workers’ comp claims, medical bills, and lost productivity.
  • Protect your reputation: A company that prioritizes safety is a company that people want to work for and do business with. Show your clients and community that you take safety seriously and watch your reputation take off!

So, there you have it, reasons why implementing a safety program is a total no-brainer. Stay safe out there!

Employee QuickTip

If it looks unsafe or feels unsafe, then you need to stop, get with management, and make your workplace safe for you and those you work with.

Employer/Management QuickTip

Yes, implementing a company safety program will be a hassle, but it will be worth it!

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