Struggling to Keep Up with Today’s Tougher Health and Safety Program Requirements?

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No Clue Where to Start - Not a Problem, We Developed It So We'll Walk You Through it!

We’ve been helping companies meet workplace safety and compliance needs since 1999, so we not only have a pretty good idea where to start, we know where you need to finish.

We also understand that your system must be kept updated to meet current requirements and our dedicated team of safety professionals are here to take care of that, so you don’t have to.

Our online system has been developed to get you headed in the right direction right from the start and through to the finish.

We Developed the Solution - Let Us Guide You Step-by-step

Implementation Made Easy with Our 4 Step Process!

  1. Establish Safety Policies and Procedures – We’ve done that one for you.
  2. Effectively Communicate the information to your employees – Employee Safety Handbooks, 5-10 minute Safety Meetings/Toolbox Talks, and Online Safety Training make it easier than ever.
  3. Perform Regular and Frequent workplace inspections – Online and Offline inspection forms allow management to quickly inspect and document.
  4. Fix, Assess, and Improve – No one is perfect, but we can always improve. The key is to fix the problem and find ways to help prevent it from happening again.

There's No Question, Everything Takes Time - But This Will Take Much Less Time Than You Think!

We are firm believers that the amount of time you spend on implementing a Safety Management System is less important than the results! So, we work hard to keep that time to a minimum while providing the best results.

Affordable and Simple to Implement

A Safety Management System should never cost thousands of dollars or require a Safety Professional to implement  it.

Starting at just $1.09 a day and with no hidden costs our All-In-One Safety Management System is ready to implement the day you purchase it.

Your Safety Management System comes complete with our 4 Step Implementation Process that anyone can put in place and includes all the tools you need to get the job done:

  • Safety Manuals
  • Online Safety Training (With a growing list of 60+ courses in English and Spanish)
  • Over 150 5-10 Minute Safety Meetings/Toolbox Talks
  • Employee Safety Handbooks
  • Online and Downloadable Safety Forms
  • And More

Unlock the Power of Safety: Let our Safety Program Wizard Build Your Solution and Provide Pricing Now!