The Right Training For The Job – 5/8/23

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The Right Training for The Job

So, you need to provide your employees safety training and you’re trying to make it happen.

Do you provide in person or online training?

Should you have all your employees take the OSHA 10 or 30 hour courses?

Maybe you should start with weekly safety meetings.

Or maybe you could have them start by reading our Safety E-QuickTips.

The list could go on and on, but what’s most important when it comes to workplace training?

That each of your employees is provided training on how to protect themselves from hazards they are exposed to during their workday.

You see, real workplace safety is less about how employees are trained and more about making sure they can recognize and protect themselves from those hazards.

Now a few of you might be thinking that’s not always true.  OSHA has some specific training requirements for fall protection, forklift operation, hazard communication and a few more.  Even still, there must be exposure to the hazard before training is required.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is nowhere in OSHA that says you only must protect your employees from hazards created by the work they are performing.  They also need to be trained in how to protect themselves from hazards created by others when they are working in the same area.

Now that we all understand the most important thing is to ensure your employees are aware of the hazards they are exposed to and how to protect themselves from those hazards, let’s talk about how you make that happen.

Ask yourself this question.  What training works best for you and your employees?

I could list off various options for training, but I’ll leave that part to you.  If you need some ideas, let me know and we’ll do an E-QuickTip on it.

Employee E-QuickTip

When it comes to workplace safety training, make sure you let your employer know what type of training works best for you: short safety meetings, formal online or in-person training, etc. The better you understand the hazards your exposed to and how to prevent them, the better it is for everyone.

Employer/Management E-QuickTip

The idea that “one size fits all” for workplace safety training never works.  Each company is different in what will work for them, so don’t let someone tell you it can only be done a certain way (except for those few hazards OSHA has set requirements for training). Even with OSHA-required courses you have options – online or in person training, when and where training is done and so on.

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